sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

Sitala drum sampler

The plugin allows you to load own samples and build own kits. Each kit contains 16 sample pads and can be triggered very easily with a MIDI controller.

Each sample can manipulate with several additional controls for shape, compression, tuning and volume. On top, each pad has a solo and mute toggles.



YAX 15P, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows by Blue Smoke Audio.
Based on the Yamaha® CS-15 mono synth produced between 1978 and 1982, with optional oscillator and EG modes taken from other models in the CS series, plus additional performance-oriented features.

Includes 30 presets based on patch-sheets in the user manuals, which can be downloaded from the Yamaha website, archive.org or many other places.



Poly-LD8, Korg Poly-800 inspired.
- 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
- 2 Poly-800 OSC's with Scaleable Overtones and Pan
- 2 ADBSSR Envelope Generators
- 1 LowPass Resonance Filter with ADBSSR Envelope Generator
- 1 Noise Generator
- 1 Lfo with Sinewave for OSC, Filter and Velocity and Delay
- The Mastervolume is wired to the Velocity
- 1 Chorus + 1 Host Synced Pingpong delay


TOM Sci-Fi Synthesizer

Inspired by vintage sci-fi movie sounds and old analog instruments like the Thérémin and Ondes Martenot while creating TOM. The instrument’s sonic properties match the UI panel’s old and gritty vibe, delivering recognizable analog-style sounds. It doesn’s sound particularly authentic in terms of analog emulation, but the tones it generates can be a good fit for vintage-inspired music.


Speculum Free Comb Filter

Speculum Free is a modulation tool capable of operating as a comb filter or as a standard delay effect. The only difference between the two operating modes is in the scaling of the Delay Time parameter. Its range is between 0s and 0.02s while in Comb Filter mode, whereas the maximum value is increased to two seconds while in Delay mode. Obviously, the developer’s idea was to allow for more precise adjustments when using the plugin as a comb filter, as even the smallest of delay time shifts will result in a different sounding timbre.

The plugin also features a built-in low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls. The filter is placed outside of the feedback path, so it only affects the signal before it reaches the delay stage. In other words, the feedback signal is not affected by the filter. As a result, the effect is easier to control when working with longer feedback times (to prevent resonance buildups and excess volume) but also somewhat limited as a creative sound design tool. That said, Speculum Free can cover a range of effects, from basic delay and comb filtering to flanging, phasing, and more.


lunes, 2 de abril de 2018


Matthieu Brucher has released version 2.0.0 of ATKAutoSwell, a free and Open Source swell plug-in (compresses the full signal, not just above threshold)

The plugin now use the JUCE framework and is optimized for SSE4.2 processors on MacOS and AVX processors on Windows.

This plugin requires universal runtime libraries on Windows as per Microsoft recommendation (see the blog post for more details).


domingo, 18 de marzo de 2018

GyL Synths releases Angel free VST wavetable/wave-draw synth.

 multimode wavetable oscillator + sub and noise 
- main oscillators with 3 modes: random wave generating, wavedraw and single cycle wave loader (.txt or .wav) oscillators 
- every wave can be modified / redrawn by hand and can be saved with selectable sample quantity (128…2048 samples) 
- unison detune, wave saturation 
- in-built FM generator with sine wave modulator(s), fixed ratios and level adjustment 


martes, 20 de febrero de 2018

SampleScience Player

The SampleScience Player is the biggest free rompler available today. This instrument plugin contains a core library of 200 playable instruments. You'll find everything from acoustic pianos to analog synthesizers drums. To limit the size of the plugin without compromising it sound quality, the library has been compressed to FLAC, a lossless audio compression codec.
The SampleScience Player's sounds are classified by categories which includes:

  • Basic: Basic waveforms from vintage analog synthesizers.
  • Bass: Various bass from synthesizers and electric bass.
  • Brass: Tuba and saxophone.
  • Chips: Arcade sound effects arranged as drum modules.
  • Drums: Various electronic drum machines and acoustic drum kits.
  • Keys: Acoustic, electric and electronic pianos and organs.
  • Orchestra: Jeff Glatt public domain orchestral library.
  • Perc: Percussive instruments, mostly acoustic.
  • Sound Design: Excerpts from our commercial sample libraries.
  • Strings: Acoustic string based instruments.
  • Synth: Synthesizer sounds from both analog and software synthesizers.
  • Vocals: Various sampled voices.
  • Wind: Wind acoustic instruments.
  • World: Instruments from around the world.

  • Bonus: Mastrcode Music Atmospheric Pads Vol.1: a collection of pads sampled as chords for that old school early jungle/techno feel.


miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Temper distortion

Creative Intent just announced their phase distortion plugin, Temper, is now free. (VST, VST3, AU).

Temper is a digital distortion audio plugin targeting VST, VST3, and AU for OS X and Windows. It builds upon traditional waveshaping techniques using modulated filter coefficients to produce a unique phase distortion. The primary signal processing loop is written with Faust, and compiled with JUCE for the various build targets.


martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Mini G

Infected Sounds has announced that the previously commercially released Mini-g VST plugin synth is now free.
Mini-g is a very powerful mini synthesizer made for all kind of analogue sounds, "Mini-g" means mini analogue. This synth was made for some typical kind of sounds to genre the most powerful analogue sounds. We are proud to release this final product. Mini-g can make fat basslines such as leads, plucks and many more.




Free Version:

Two filter mode(SVF, Reso).
No modulation units and FX units


Bakuage BasicComp

BasicComp is high-quality VST3 compressor plugin that is focused to compress dynamic range naturally. It is suitable for mastering, vocal track, and drum track.



ITDPanner is VST3 panner plugin specialized to control the pan of stereo sound source without sound quality degradation. ITDPanner never mix left channel and right channel, so it has no sound quality degradation caused by interference of sound. It is based on ITD(Interaural Time Difference)control and balance control.